A new generation of training films




The demand for soft skills training is forecast to grow significantly throughout the globe over the next 5 years.

In the UK there is a cross-party political drive towards training for work. This drive will be founded on effective soft skills of learning and communication skills.


There is a new story to tell about how we communicate, and we will tell it. Communication skills are being reframed by advances in the study of language, behaviour and the application of technology. This will support effective communication. This new story will refresh the related skills of management and leadership, care for customers in sales and negotiation, and the way in which we learn.


We will employ a proven format to tell this story. The application of humour to learning in film, the association with expert comedy communicators, the value of shared learning in groups – this has been established over the past 70 years as an excellent formula for learning. For a period it was a significant UK export.


This format has been in the shadows in recent years as lines of distribution have been disrupted by the technology tsunami of the past two decades. Distribution channels are now clearing to both individual learners and groups, and routes to market are better defined. Licensing, subscription and ticketing models are now settling, and it is now practical to build a viable business model. This model benefits from the reduced cost of production by employing digital media.


The creation of a new generation of training films with a vibrant background pedagogy and vivid reworking of a timeless film format will provoke immediate interest from hungry digital platforms and educational publishers. It is anticipated that investor return would be through a swift buy-out.

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