For the past 25 years, since English Cabaret first produced Sue Casson and Simon Rae's REQUIEM,

which explored the ills of contemporary Britain in song, it has kept a satirical revue on the stocks.


At present it is produced under the title



We will bring it back to the stage as soon as legal and practical.

Albion Tile

Albion Forlorn


'A torch song for the state we're in'

Albion Forlorn satirically charts the progress of a young boy as he encounters the fractured dreams, disillusionment and twisted mores of a disjointed 21st century Britain. Tom Blackmore's vision of a modern wasteland where the dispossessed cling to the rites and songs of a bankrupt me-generation is vividly illustrated by Sue Casson’s powerful melodies and razor-sharp lyrics.


The follies and lost ideals of a society more broken than our politicians understand are skewered one by one in this scorching yet tender rhapsody on a disconnected present and an uncertain future.


Albion Forlorn was first performed at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2013. It included songs from Requiem (Edinburgh and London 1996), Sue Casson's musical settings of Simon Rae's weekly Guardian poems written over the 10 years of Thatcher's Britain, alongside songs in the vein of her topical songwriting for Stop the Week, Singing the News, and Newsrevue. For this new production, she looks forward to flexing her satirical skills once more, writing new songs that eye up the anomalies of contemporary Britain.