In 2021


LCB Photography's images will continue to be a major part of the live performances of

Dreams of Peace & Freedom. They will also feature in the accompanying publication,

Letters, Transcripts, Blogs & Tweets.


Continuing her social media collaboration with a woman, a piano... a series of cards featuring their eye-catching artwork is planned, along with her own calendar reflecting a year in Bedgebury Forest.

LCB Photography

LCB Photography

'Capture - Explore - Document'


LCB Photography is the home of Lily's photography. Her camera is her "Third Eye" to capture, explore and document what is around her. Whether capturing the beauty of the world, exploring the locations behind books she loves or documenting the places she visits, photography is her way of sharing what she lives through - on Instagram, her website and beyond.


A self taught photographer, Lily's photography story began in Christmas 2008 when she was given a green Fujifilm Finepix camera. Since then, through different projects - personal or shared - she has tried to capture the world,

telling a story through her images.



- Food photography for English Singing Baker

- Photos for multi-media show, Dreams of Peace & Freedom

- The Human's in the Telling - Photography & Design for Letters, Transcripts, Blogs & Tweets

- Photos for a woman, a piano lyric videos & artwork collaboration



- Project 52 : 2020

- Week-long Instagram series showcasing everything from

the change in the seasons to shots taken in cities around the UK

- On Location projects featuring books including Les Miserables, Oliver Twist

and David Maxwell Fyfe's A Political Adventure