Natural Laws of Communication


Volume 1, consisting of films, text and recordings

will be released in January 2022

Tom Blackmore writes: 


The technological tsunami of the past 20 years and now the pandemic have had a profound and lasting impact on communication. Whilst the technology offers undreamed of opportunities, and the pandemic has taught fierce lessons, this is clearly a time to stand back and restore some perspective on the way we communicate. In the haste to embrace all things shiny and new, there has been collateral damage to the way we respond to colleagues and customers. There is a risk that the fear of the pandemic will make new ways seem the only way and this is not so.


Just as humankind’s industry creates collateral damage for nature, so that same industry creates collateral damage for human nature.

Rather than demanding that the human should always adapt, perhaps the human should demand that emerging technology of brilliance should evolve to be our faithful servant and not our master.

Natural Laws of Communication FINAL

Natural Laws of Communication


Tom Blackmore has 40 years of experience in facilitating communication.


As a young person he worked at The Industrial Society, developing a successful series of courses and educational resources for other young people, primarily apprentices and the part employed. At Video Arts, with John Cleese, and later PlayBack with

Mel Smith and Griff Rhys Jones, he moved into film, focussing on how to effectively employ that medium in learning.


With them, and independently, he has created and produced many films that bring soft skills alive, including his own Top Training, one of the first series designed for generic online training. In the late 1990s he worked alongside Deidre Wilson and Theodore Zeldin to create Talk to Them, and shortly afterwards became literary executor of John Clark and his major work,

Lines of Communication.


It was then that the seeds of the Natural Laws of Communication

(then called the Instruments of Brilliance) began to germinate. The present seismic changes in working practice

provide a perfect opportunity to re-assess the way we interact with one another, finding effective laws for a digital age,

that might just turn out to be the most natural, and human.