Sue Casson writes :


Two Tigers is a story of one woman's passionate endeavour to leave her mark on the world through her words, and a man who ensured they lived on, when her life was cut short.


Although today, writer and editor John Middleton Murry is largely forgotten, he has ensured the legacy of his wife Katherine Mansfield, a contemporary of Virginia Woolf and D H Lawrence, lives on, as one of the genre defining short story writers of the 20th century.  


Mansfield's life was pioneering for her time. Born into a well to do

New Zealand family in the late 1880s, she put her comfortable colonial early youth behind her to take her chances, with limited means, in

Edwardian literary London. Originally set on becoming a professional cellist, her awareness of music, rhythm and sound drives through her writing,

whilst her focus on crafting small scale masterpieces makes them a perfect partner for song. She has an appetite for life, and a visceral sensitivity in setting it down. Published early, it is not until she is nearing the end of her life that a body of work begins to emerge, and by this time, suffering TB, her internal life is more vivid than the struggle of the everyday.


In Two Tigers, her story is described through a kaleidoscope of original songs with her words at the core, bringing her spirit to life.



a musical by Sue Casson

inspired by the life and writings of Katherine Mansfield.


In preparation for a tour to commemorate the

100th anniversary of the death of Katherine Mansfield in January 2023, TSLR will workshop this

re-imagined production of Sue Casson's award winning show in late 2021.

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Two Tigers



Two Tigers was a finalist in the Vivan Ellis Prize for writers of the Musical Stage, where it was commended by judges

Andrew Lloyd Webber, Tim Rice and Don Black.  It was nominated for a Fringe First when presented at Pleasance 1 Edinburgh during the Festival Fringe to mark the centenary of her birth. Since then, songs from the show have been recorded by

Premier Cru and broadcast on BBC Radio.

'The strength of the production is undoubtedly its score... the songs are powerful.'

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